Map of St. Thomas

Airport Rd

1.Head north on Airport Rd                                              

2.Turn right at Moravian Hwy     (this is the 1st light)                                                        

3.Continue on Veterans Dr   (this will take you along the waterfront)                                                        

4.Turn right at Long Bay Rd    (this is near Yacht Haven Grande)                                   

5. Turn left at Sugar Estate  (This is the 1st light after Yacht Haven Grande)                 

  1. 11.Turn right at Weymounth Rhymer Hwy  (This is the next light - Raphune Hill)        

  2. 12.Continue on past first light - go past Home Depot.  There are four more lights until

  3. turn right and go past the Texaco Station.  This is Smith Bay Road.

  4. 12.Continue on Smith Bay Road.  Finally you will pass Wyndam at Sugar Bay on the left.

  5. 13.Continue up the hill.  At the top of the hill you will see a sign for Sapphire Beach and Resort

  6. 13.Turn left at Sapphire Beach and Resort                

  7. 14. Stay to the left.  Go down the hill.  Tell the person at the gate what unit you will be in.

  8. 15. Proceed to building A or D and have a great time!